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Making Wax is what we do!

Jax Wax manufactures an impressive choice of wax products including depilatory wax, bottle sealing wax, surf wax, body board wax, ski wax, snow board wax, grafting wax, modelling wax, laundry wax. 

We make sealing wax

Jax Wax manufactures an impressive choice of sealing wax options. We know the type of wax you will expect and that’s what we deliver.

We private label

We specialise in salon based products and can provide manufacturing of your wax and salon spa range

Jax Wax is an Australian business

with extensive experience in all facets of wax product manufacture, export and marketing.

The proprietors of the company, Geoff and Tina Copland have broad knowledge of the wax industry. Prior to commencing the business they ran and managed other diverse manufacturing industries for many years.

If you need a wax to seal bottles, make prototype models, wax your surfboard or skis, remove body hair or press your laundry as well as virtually any other wax- based product, Jax Wax can help.

Jax Wax is located in Officer, a rapidly growing city in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. The city is ideally situated close to major freeways for access within Australia and close to ports for export. 

Products manufactured by Jax Wax are currently sold throughout mainland Australia via a large distributor network as well as being exported to a growing worldwide market including New Zealand, South East Asia, The United States and Europe.

We also have a growing range of professional beauty salon products including a botanical spa range. We can manufacture using our own custom formulas or can use formulae supplied by our customers. Naturally, confidentially is without question. 

Jax Wax specialises in custom blends of wax for the varied wax industries that we service.

We are well known for our innovative products including our Adam & Eve range of beauty salon products among them our famous beaded depilatory waxes. All of our products are manufactured in-house under strict quality control with many of our materials sourced locally.

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